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What is VoIP & Data?


Voice over IP (VoIP) is digital voice. Much like going from standard definition TV to HDTV. It is the modern-day phone system.

Data is what we might call an ISP (Internet Service Provider). It is your standard internet connection that powers your devices within your office and gives your network a live connection.

Why do I need VoIP & Data services for my company?


The answer is an obvious one. You would not be reading this webpage without these services. Additionally, you could not pick up your phone and call us for more information. Internet and phones are considered the two most essential pieces to stay active inside a business environment.


It is probable you already have internet and phones installed at your office. Consider this. You might not be happy with your current speeds or quality of service. It is also possible that prices have skyrocketed to your dissatisfaction. We can change that and offer better, less expensive, or in some cases, both solutions.


Stop worrying about staffing the right internal IT department and erase the risks associated with managing your own IT staff. Make the smart choice and allow Next IT to manage every inch of your network, computers, and technology.

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What can I do with VoIP & Data services?


– Make & Receive Digital HD Calls
– Make & Receive SMS Text Messages
– Virtualize an Office Phone System
– Multiply Internet Data Speeds
– Leverage Modern Day Fiber Internet
– Unite Both Services Managed by Next IT Solutions

Who provides these VoIP & Data services?


Voice and internet are dependent on many things. Service availability, price, offerings, and customer service. We do our best to find the right balance of all four of these pieces when choosing a provider


We are proud to sell Nextiva, Ring Central, and 8×8. Additionally, we can deliver services from Spectrum, ATT & Frontier, to name only a few. If you think you can’t get faster internet or phones, let us have a go at it and discover the hidden gems available in Telecom.


How can I use VoIP & Data services to better my business?


If your current phone system is from the ice ages or merely is not delivering the vast array of tools you’re looking to harness, it’s time to explore new options in the world of Digital Voice.

Are you tired of the bottleneck your “high-speed” internet is currently delivering? Stop the delays and drastically improve employee performance by choosing a reliable ISP to power your company’s network.

The icing on the cake is we do all the hard work for you, from research to service availability, offerings, consulting, drawing up a contract, and finally, installation. We’ve got you covered.



Digital Voice, Cloud Phone Systems, and Modern Gigabit WAN Internet are here. Are you?



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Stop worrying about staffing the right internal IT department and allow Next IT to manage every inch of your network.
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